Tuesday, January 29, 2008

she's not there

colored pencil, 2008.
this one is based on an old urban legend about the Vanishing Hitchhiker; done as part of Illustration Friday.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


an all-photo collage (with digital text) as completed for this New Yorker Magazine contest. photo credits are as follows: •Joe Raedle/GettyImages; Ali Jasim/Reuters/Corbis; Chris Helgren/Reuters/Corbis. RS#957, p56, 16sept04•David p. Gilkey/Reuters/Corbis. RS#957, p55, 16sept04•Marc Serota/Reuters; Spin, p89, dec06.
•Paul Buck/Landov; RS#756, p89, 2sept,04.•unknown/uncredited from source; Razor, p74, sept04.•U.SNavy Photos; RS#1036, p61, 4oct07.•Sam Jones; EW#974, p76, 18jan08.•uncredited (flava flav, truck); Complex p15,62, apr/may04.•Chico Sanchez/AP Photo; Complex p18, apr/may04.•Pablo Aguilar;Complex p34, apr/may05.•Clark Samuels/Startraksphoto/Splash News; EW#971/972, p23, 28dec07/4jan08.•Alphax-MBF-Sasha/X17Online.com; EW#971/972, p16, 28dec07/4jan08.•Robert Bertoio; Complex p34, apr/may04.•Tony Barson/WireImage.com; Complex p34, apr/may04.