Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Thomas Ⓑarrow

digital; 2012.
created by Julian Fellowes, portrayed by Rob James-Collier.
he's not so much a villain, but a complicated cat with clever eyes set for self-preservation; is that so bad?

Halley's Ⓒomet

photo manipulation; 2012.
[1986 photo by NASA; diagram: University of Tennessee at Knoxville; screencap info: Wikipedia.]
still angry i couldn't see the last visit, tried as i did that night, looking up and knowing i was missing something special. this orbiter had connections to Samuel Clemens & Challenger Shuttle, both dear to me, so it really stings.
See You Next 28 July 2061
( ◕‿-)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ⓓaft Punk

digital; 2012.
blah blah blah love them, love what they do, love what they make me do, love love love. long may they run-on sentences.

Ⓔlvira, Mistress of the Dark

ink, marker; 2012.
©Queen B Productions; portrayed/co-created by Cassandra Peterson.
goodtimes. always with a sense of humor & self-aware self-deprecation, this entrepreneurial chica damn sure knows how to vamp with double-servings of campy innuendo. an animal rights advocate, she supported gay rights before the rest (of a slowly-growing, waking-up majority) of this country. the character is an obvs amalgam of various counter-cultural influences, and, after looking at recent photos-- still foxy.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Ⓕinal Fantasy II

pencil, digital; 2012.
as a kid, i obsessively pored over various video game magazines. there's some useful info in there, sure, but mostly i just loved the artwork-- the various styles i wouldn't otherwise be exposed to. worlds i'd never even set foot in (games i'd never play), but the pretty pictures i could glean & cop & add to my brain bank. even in my sad old age, i still pick up said magazines, much to the chagrin of whomever is unwise enough to let me wonder off in the grocery store. anyway, goodtimes. and yah, i've yet to actually play this here RPG; they're not really my thing, but the story is still aces.

Sunday, August 26, 2012


acrylic paint, magazine clipping collage, marker, ink; 2012.
©Damon Albarn & Jamie Hewlett.
setting out for this current theme, i knew i was gonna make myself tackle these guys, among a few others, that i thought too sacred to try to officially tarnish with a defiled presence on my lil' ol' blog. but dammit Gumby, i forswore everything else today, and got this done. originally i planned to have their instruments involved, as they are real musicians afterall, but "time won't let me." and space. whatevs. though we've changed a bit through the years since that August 2001 i first heard /saw "dat Blur lead singer" 's new zany side-project with "dat Tank Girl artist", i'm reminded of a different time. yeah, understatementizing what occurred a few weeks later, but i'm def more inspired by the multimedia-ness of this whole enterprise. what could've been a meta joke/commentary about the nature of Modern 'Entertainment' instead became an interesting & ongoing collaborative effort. and successful, howevs one wants to define success. And they're Real ... Fun. 

Hawk Ⓗaven

digital, photo manipulation; 2012.
photos by NASA.
concept developed by Rankin/Bass; ©Lorimar-Telepictures/Warner Bros.
i realized i hadn't tackled a Where so far, so here's this place. satellite headquarters for hybrid metal-humanish officers with space birds (not usually Angry). yeah, 'SilverHawks' and their ilk were toy-peddling schoolyard entrepreneurs & the stories are now seen, outside nostalgia, as almost insultingly thin. but dammit if i didn't race home from school to watch & re-watch My Stories. and though the source material was, um, what it was, it was a fantastic launching pad for us dorks to shoot off on our own adventures. "...shoulders of giants" indeed. i still want a treehouse.

Saturday, August 25, 2012


'DrawSomething' app; 2012.
created by George Herriman; ©King Features Syndicate(?)
i've yet to see a more apt metaphor for (misunderstood) ♡...

Ⓙanelle Monáe

digital, ink, marker; 2012.
this was another case where i had a really neat idea, one i had for a long while, one so entrenched in my ace high-fallutin' scheme-- and just ditched it. marathoning her discography, i let Ms. Monáe's sound just kinda guide. i'm trying real hard to not sound all stalker-y, but know that my utmost respect & admiration only grows the more i hear. in an industry known for pandering, she does her own thing with class.
and yet i keep calling her Janáe Monelle. sigh.

Friday, August 24, 2012


marker, spray paint, ink, pre-printed diagram; 2012.
created by Jack Kirby; ©DC Comics.
ever since i saw "The Demon Within" Batman episode way back around '98, this petulant British twerp has kinda endeared himself to me. maybs it's the rare angle that a brat with magical powers makes for an interesting villain. if the 'hero concept' is (supposedly) ultimately about adolescent wish fulfillment, what does it mean if a witch-boy is championed?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

ⓁCD Soundsystem

marker & spray paint on graphing paper; 2012.
labored over a piece (which was an L) a while back for a fan-art feature thing, and subsequently wasn't included. liked the concept/idea and may still publish here in the future at some point, but then had idea #2. ran out & bought supplies-- then changed my mind. this is #3 and i think closer to whatever the goal of this current reverse alphabetical theme this is part of. trying to open it up to stuff besides video game characters & cartoons. which i'll invariably do for the next post. oh me.