Tuesday, February 26, 2008


colored pencil, marker, paintmarker, wax crayon, pen, pencil, digital finishes; 2008.
a long-gestating idea spurred on by this week's Illustration Friday theme: Multiple.


Toni said...

Killed, slayed and bowled over -- raw real stuff, love your blog title/banner ... more! more! You make me want to ART!

Anonymous said...

Powerful illustrations, they really pack a punch, and I like them! And it's a little thing maybe, but I just gotta say it... I really like their haircuts (I get tired sometimes of the ONLY women you seem to see in art having longggggg hair).

Images with Personality said...

Thank you for your comment.Your work is very gutsy...I admire your willingness to explore new concepts using a variety of media. I look forward to seeing more of your ideas brought to life.