Saturday, August 2, 2008

poison, naturally

digital; 2008.
©DC comics.
added more stuff, mainly hair. try to objectively see where it going and what i don't like about it. add/subtract, follow rabbit leads. then at some point i have to stop before the screen is covered in hair.

digital; 2008.
changed mind again. what is my deal? sometimes it's good to go with whatever seems to work or what maybe pushing/pulling. or be pseudo-philosophical about a lack of strong dedication. either/or.

still keepin' it digital; 2008.
more detail stuff, lost the outline/crutch, changed mind about the hair. not ideally close to "Opposites Attract" Paula Abdul, but this wild is warranted, given the subject.

digital; 2008.
added highlights/shadows to try to get rid of the inherent flatness.

digital; 2008.
start off with a rough sketch of an idea of a composition.

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