Sunday, August 26, 2012


acrylic paint, magazine clipping collage, marker, ink; 2012.
©Damon Albarn & Jamie Hewlett.
setting out for this current theme, i knew i was gonna make myself tackle these guys, among a few others, that i thought too sacred to try to officially tarnish with a defiled presence on my lil' ol' blog. but dammit Gumby, i forswore everything else today, and got this done. originally i planned to have their instruments involved, as they are real musicians afterall, but "time won't let me." and space. whatevs. though we've changed a bit through the years since that August 2001 i first heard /saw "dat Blur lead singer" 's new zany side-project with "dat Tank Girl artist", i'm reminded of a different time. yeah, understatementizing what occurred a few weeks later, but i'm def more inspired by the multimedia-ness of this whole enterprise. what could've been a meta joke/commentary about the nature of Modern 'Entertainment' instead became an interesting & ongoing collaborative effort. and successful, howevs one wants to define success. And they're Real ... Fun. 

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