Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hawk Ⓗaven

digital, photo manipulation; 2012.
photos by NASA.
concept developed by Rankin/Bass; ©Lorimar-Telepictures/Warner Bros.
i realized i hadn't tackled a Where so far, so here's this place. satellite headquarters for hybrid metal-humanish officers with space birds (not usually Angry). yeah, 'SilverHawks' and their ilk were toy-peddling schoolyard entrepreneurs & the stories are now seen, outside nostalgia, as almost insultingly thin. but dammit if i didn't race home from school to watch & re-watch My Stories. and though the source material was, um, what it was, it was a fantastic launching pad for us dorks to shoot off on our own adventures. "...shoulders of giants" indeed. i still want a treehouse.

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